Price Comparison Sites Guide

By | June 3, 2023

This article is a price comparison sites guide to help you in your look for finding the best and cheapest prices for your goods and services. Price comparison sites can help you find all number of goods and services, including physical goods such as lawn mowers or camcorders, or services such as home insurance, air flights or mortgages etc.

Price comparison sites have proliferated on the internet in the last year or two particularly, and in fact I do believe that comparison shopping is the number one growth industry online. As this is the case, of course the competition is fierce amongst rival websites, and it is sometimes hard to sort out the wheat from the chaff.

You have to understand how these sites make their money before taking it as read that the deal a particular site has found you is the very best deal that can be found anywhere online, because very often this is not always the case and so it is worth doing a little more detective work!! Many of these websites get sponsored by various companies that will give them commission through pay per click, or when a customer purchases through the price comparison website. This being the case, they will obviously promote the companies that they are dealing with, and therefore ignore other websites that might have a product at a significantly reduced price.

So if you are looking at a price comparison website, it is important not to just look at one website and take it as gospel that they have found the very best deal for you, but try a few different websites so that you can compare the comparison websites themselves!! This is going to take you a few minutes longer, but if a few minutes longer can maybe save you a few hundred dollars, or pounds, or euros, or yen, then why not, it is well with the extra bit of detective work.

One useful piece of software you can use to cut down your leg work, is the My Shopping Genie, which you can download onto your computer, and what this does is instantly bring up the best price comparison websites when you click on it for a certain item or service. It will find you about a dozen sites with your items details all there for you to peruse, which is a very useful tool to have in your armour.