Paranormal Portal to a Parallel Universe

By | June 13, 2020

Step back and consider the possibilities:

We are not alone. We have never been alone.

There are billions of other earth like planets.

There are millions of intelligent civilizations living on these planets.

Thousands of these civilizations communicate with each other.

Hundreds of these civilizations trade with each other.

Several have visited earth.

A few from our universe have visited parallel universes.

There are an unlimited number of parallel universes.

There is a portal from our universe to at least one other universe.

We have afterlife on one or more of the parallel universes.

In special circumstances and on occasion an afterlife visits our universe.

Afterlife visitors can impart great wisdom to us today.

Afterlife visitors can wreck chaos here on earth from time to time.

Our ancestors have documented meeting with some of the visitors.

One visit may have helped ancient Atlantians build a great society.

One visit resulted in some of the Biblical patriarchs being shown how to live long lives.

One visit warned of the coming of Satan and a worldwide destruction.

We can use our imaginations to see things that our 5 senses cannot detect. Einstein’s imagination gave us the reality of Relativity that our senses could not detect.

Use you imagination to visualize Paranormal Portals to a Parallel Universes.

Paranormal Investigators

A Paranormal Investigative Team reports what they found at one of their investigations. They had some pretty sophisticated equipment.

One machine measured temperature and its rate of change. The team explained that when “entities” came over into our world that they need energy to materialize. That’s why it gets cold when ghosts, or whatever, come on the scene. They suck up the energy from the room or area so they can materialize and come into being.

The more energy that they are able to absorb, the more visible they become.


The materialized entities have been called spirits, or ghosts. But they must really be souls of people that survive after death. But what is a soul?

A soul cannot generally be detected with our 5 senses. We must use our imaginations to see them not unlike what Einstein did to discover relativity.

He could not see the parameters of relativity with his five senses. So he imagined things beyond his five senses and came out with his famous equation E = MC squared where E stands for energy, M stands for matter and C is the speed of light.

Let’s use his equation to explore for the soul.

Einstein taught us that there is a definitive relationship between matter and energy. Take another look at his famous equation and take particular note of the relationship between mass, I.e. matter (M) and energy (E).

Our bodies are a matrix of matter. Our flesh and bones are matter, but matter is a form of energy. Therefore our bodies are both matrices of matter and matrices of energy.

At the moment of death our material body dies but our energy matrices can continue to exist as our souls.

This energy version of our body is not visible with our 5 senses. But it can be detected with electromagnetic sensors because this energy matrix is, that is it produces an electromagnetic field.

So our bodies have always had a physical being as we detect with our 5 senses, and an electromagnetic being as can be detected with an electromagnetic sensor.

The paranormal investigators had machines that could detect the electromagnetic force of each of our bodies. These same machines could detect this force from the souls if and when they absorbed enough energy from the surroundings. And they did indeed detect and record orbs of the souls.

Let’s visualize how this could be.

While we are alive our DNA instructs our bodies to use ingredients from the foods that we eat to manufacture proteins, hormones and other materials to grow, repair and operate our bodies.

Now after we die we can access some of this DNA to rebuild (clone) our body as was accomplished in the famous Dolly the sheep project. We have not yet done this with a human, as for as the public knows, because of ethics problems. But we could clone a human just as we did Dolly.

So DNA can continue to code for the structure and operation of our body even after death.

Now the DNA from our deceased body is in its material form just as it was in our bodies when we were alive.

But the DNA of our dead body can still be active. And while it is still matter, it is still a form of energy: E=MC2.

Now let’s suppose that the energy form of our DNA remains even as our material, matter form decays and returns to dust. If it could remain then it could be the surviving form of the body. We are our DNA, the material form in life and the energy form after death.

This surviving “spirit or soul” or energy form of our DNA could be no more capable of doing anything or thinking anything than isolated DNA cut from our living bodies.

But what if we could stimulate this energy form of our DNA with energy like it is stimulated with nutrients from food when it was in our living body? What if this energy form of our DNA could be stimulated and able to use pure energy provided from an external source?

Remember your high school physics: energy is energy; it can be neither created nor destroyed.

If we can trigger the energy form of the DNA to be receptive to energy that it can draw from its environment, then it could rebuild the energy form of the body. It would not need the years of time that the matter form of the body needed to assemble all the matter based nutrients required for the slow growth of the human body. Energy conversion need not require such time, if any time at all.

Forget the limiting ability of your 5 senses; free yourself to imagine.

You already know that, as Einstein proved to us, there are worlds beyond our 5 senses. Go into that unlimited world.

Now “visualize” the pure energy form of DNA as described above.

Take another step into that unlimited world, “visualize” the pure energy form of the DNA sucking up enough energy from the surroundings to almost instantaneously reform the entire energy form of the body.

The completeness of the reformation will depend on the amount of energy available. We may be able to detect this “electromagnetic entity” as a small orb with our electromagnetic sensors. Or we may be able to detect a human size orb, depending on the energy available.

Thousands of people have reported paranormal encounters and of seeing ghosts down through the ages. It is perhaps time that we finally have to accept that there could be something to it.

Parallel Universes

The notion of parallel universes is generally accepted by almost all scientists. There are an infinite number of universes.

A universe exists for every possible arrangement of matter and energy that is consistent with the laws of quantum physics. This means that an additional universe exists for each slight variation of any particle of matter; any conceivable arrangement of quarks, gluons, subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, photons and energy that could possibly be imagined.

That means that there exists an universe that differs from our own only in that one electron on one remote planet of any one distant star is in a less excited energy state than the equivalent one in our universe. Another universe exists that differs from our present universe only in that one photon, of all the photons in our universe, is positioned just slightly to the left of the position that it has in our universe.

If a universe can be imagined, it exists. Indeed, every conceivable arrangement of matter and energy, however improbable, exists as a separate universe.

Hugh Everett first postulated “parallel universes” in 1957.

David Deutsch, a research fellow at the Department of Astrophysics, Oxford, and a professor at the University of Texas, tells us: “I think it’s safe to say that there are a very large, probably infinite, number of these universes. Many of them are very different from ours, but some of them differ only in some minute detail like the position of a book on a table, and are identical in every other respect.”

Bryce DeWitt of the University of Texas tells us that under this theory “every quantum transition taking place on every star, in every galaxy, in every remote corner of the universe is splitting our local world into myriads of copies of itself. Here is schizophrenia with a vengeance!”

So a universe exists for essentially any condition that we can imagine.

For any condition that we can imagine?

So imagine that the souls of our dead exist in one or more of those parallel universes.

Imagine that a portal is created when two parallel universes touch.

This could explain the very large number of reports of people seeing and talking to our dead and to other paranormal events.

The paranormal is as real as Einstein’s relativity. Both are just alien to our 5 senses.